General Conditions


The student fills in the application form and sends it to the school along with a deposit of 150 Euros or the full amount. Students must send their application form at least 45 days before the language course starting date.

First step:

Student sends application form indicating type and duration of language course together with a detailed resume (C.V.)

Second step:

School answers saying whether the application is acceptable or not.

Third step:

If the application is accepted Student pays full fee. School sends confirmation and student’s documents needed to obtain study visa (if necessary).

The filling of the Application Form together with the acceptance of the General Conditions, after confirmation reservation by the SJO SORBONA, means signing a contract for the course organization according with the offer on the website

All courses: enrolment shall be considered valid upon receipt of written confirmation from the school.
The balance due must be paid at least 21 days before the beginning of the course.


Company name, address: Szkoła Języków Obcych SORBONA, ul. 6 Sierpnia, 90-416 Lodz, Poland
Bank address: Al. Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 Lodz, Poland

For payments in EURO:

Account name: BC-EUR
Account number/IBAN: PL 14 1140 2017 0000 4112 0086 5071

It is the student’s responsibility to pay all bank charges.

Cancellations made before beginning of course:

  • Cancellation must be communicated in writing by registered mail or e-mail. Deposits are not refundable.
  • 30 days before beginning of course: balance will be refunded.
  • Between 29 and 15 days before beginning of course: 20% of balance will be forfeited.
  • Less than 15 days before beginning of course: entire sum will be forfeited.

Cancellations made after beginning of course:

  • The director of the school will evaluate the possibility of a partial refunding, case by case.

The school is not responsible for the loss of personal property on its premises.

Before leaving for Poland, students are advised to take out medical insurance. European Union citizens are entitled to free medical assistance provided they have the European Health Insurance Card with can be obtained from the local health authority in their own country.

Students coming from countries that require a visa to study in Poland need to contact the Polish Embassy in their home country beforehand to complete the formalities. A certificate of enrolment is one of the requirements for obtaining a visa. In order to receive a certificate of enrolment the student must pay the full tuition fee(s).

Cancellation due to rejection of visa application or due to any other reason due to the fault of the Student:

  1. If we receive such a cancellation within 7 days before the beginning of the course, the student forfeits € 200 plus any expenses paid on his/her behalf (like TNT, health insurance, etc.). The balance is paid back when all relevant documents, including the official Embassy note giving the reasons for rejecting the visa, are handed in to the School. It is, however, possible to start the course at a later date.
  2. If such a cancellation is made less than 7 days before the beginning of the course, the entire sum is forfeited.