Standard Group Courses

This course is designed to give you a solid introduction to the Polish language. It devotes special attention to communicating in Polish so that you can use what you learn in the classroom the moment you step out the door.

There is clear focus on grammar and vocabulary with plenty of colloquial language, idioms and high frequency phrases. There is plenty of speaking and using Polish to communicate in real life situations. This includes work on pronunciation and use of idioms and colloquial expressions which are integrated into our topic-based lessons.

SJO SORBONA teachers will make sure you practise the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is done in a supportive environment using conventional texts and audio equipment, role-play, problem solving, discussions and collaborative tasks. This will help you develop confidence and language structures in a meaningful and supportive environment with your classmates.

Levels: A1 – C2 (Elementary to Advanced)

Course lenghtPrice
8 months = 2 semesters

100 x 45 min.
1 x 180 min./week or 2 x 90 min./week

2.400 PLN
4 months = 1 semester 50 x 45 min.
1 x 180 min./week or 2 x 90 min./week
1.250 PLN
1 month 24 x 45 min.
3 x 90 min./week
590 PLN

The minimum required number of students in group: 5

To achieve the next level of proficiency, it is necessary to complete two semesters of learning.