Student Testimonials


„Hello, I'm Kevin Lafrance. I took Polish courses in Sorbona School in Łódź. I decided to learn Polish because I work in a field where is necessary to communicate in order to adapt well to the environment. Working in the past in the Czech Republic I already had some basis of Polish language and with Sorbona I have made great progress in terms of grammar conjugation and vocabulary as well in writing and speaking. With the help and expertise of competent and friendly teachers, I can now say that this school allowed me to express myself and to have a conversation without difficulty in Polish. I have no doubt in saying that SORBONA was a very good choice to learn Polish.”

Kevin Lafrance

Football player, France


"Hello, I`m Abdelkrim Bengueddah. I have attended Sorbona Language School for two years. I have been learning Polish language and, honestly, in Łódź it is the best language school which have courses of Polish for foreigners. I have checked many of them and nowhere I found such professional and friendly atmosphere like here. My teacher has perfect educational skills and she knows exactly how to explain grammar and encourage students to speak. Groups are very small so You feel almost like during private lessons and be sure your language skills will improve fast. School is also very flexible about schedule which was big advantage for me - working person. Jestem zadowolony, że znalazłem tę szkołę :-)"

Karim Bengueddah



"Polish is a difficult language but I wanted to learn it. Sorbona Language school offered polish lessons for beginners and the teacher Justyna was very nice and patient. The school atmosphere is very warm and friendly. The administration was well organized and offered to help answer many questions about Poland and the culture. I also made many friends. Polecam szkołe SORBONA "

Kris Folami Popoola

Doctor, USA


"In 2011 I arrived in Poland with very little knowledge of Polish. Although I knew I would be teaching at the University’s Institute of English Philology, I was desperately eager to be able to communicate with my students in their native language. Having learned about SORBONA Language School, I made a quick, initial visit. Drawn in by the clean, professional, comfortable and welcoming environment of the school, I entrolled in the individual course of Polish for Foreigners.

I was very surprised and pleased with my progress. After just a couple of weeks learning from Justyna, I felt confident enough to engage my own students at the university in small conversations in Polish. Throughout the course, I was consistently impressed by Justyna’s apparent and infectious love of the Polish language, which made her a natural teacher. Always thorough and patient, Justyna’s enthusiasm not only made the difficult language more accessible, but also really motivated me to understand and learn grammar and improve my oral and written skills in Polish.

I would highly recommend SORBONA Language School to anyone wanting to learn this beautiful language in a pleasant and positive environment."

Jan Michelle Andres

University lecturer, USA


"I highly recommend the SORBONA Language School, since it has an excellent academic level, the proper facilities for a good education and has adequate staff with the capacity to transmit knowledge to the students. The school creates a healthy environment where the best social values are recreated.

Finally and with the desire to make emphasis in the meaning of this recommendation, I greatly appreciate the attentions this great school gave me."

Jose Carlos Moreno Garcia

Lawyer, Mexico


"I extensively recommend SORBONA Language School, due to the high seriousness of teachers who work there and an exellent treatment they give to theirs foreign and national students. My experience as a student of Polish language during the school year 2011/2012 was very pleasant because every time I had the support of the teachers of the institution inside and outside the school. At the moment I am in Mexico working as a lawyer and almost everyday I apply the knowledge acquired in Sorbona Language School."

Omar Uriel Soto Chacon

Lawyer, Mexico