Polish for Foreigners

About us

SJO SORBONA is a modern language school situated in the heart of Lodz in central Poland. Foreign languages are our passion and therefore we are fully committed to our work. Our teachers, both Polish and foreign native speakers, hold professional degrees in philology or linguistics of the languages they teach and have vast experience in teaching.

Each course has been designed based on our internal teaching methods, which focus on all aspects of learning a foreign language. We pay equal attention to speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and phonetics. We are aware of the advantages of recently very fashionable communicative methods of teaching languages and as such we implement elements of them into our courses. Nevertheless, we believe that it is necessary to combine these methods with grammar or phonetics to effectively teach a language and for our students to acquire fluency in them.

We are a partner of ETS (Educational Testing Service), the largest testing organization in the world, a leader in the creation of objective and reliable certification of language and tools supporting the learning of foreign languages.

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